Chrome & Android? (INSIDE INFO)

Ok- I've been privilege to some incredible information on the future of Chrome and Android. Naturally, I can't say who, when or where I recieved this info, however I can give all the details and I can tell you it's from a very very reliable source. So far everything from this source has panned out including Android Wear which I was told would be called "Android Gear" two months before press release, besides that minor naming mislead I trust the source.

With that said, this whole Hara thing is real but not exactly how sites like Android Police have described it. Although the source said the screenshots are beta test. Here's what I was told;

*Chrome and Android won't merge per'se however they will use a system that makes them virtually one. This includes this whole HTML 5 thingy. (sorry it was a short call and I myself don't understand all the details).

*With this new system chrome and Android will both work together as one fuctional platform which will also include enhanced search. Google Now is the third piece to this platform.

*Android TV is real (Verge dropped the ball on that one) and will sync with Chrome and Android and also Google Glass AND Android Wear.

Here's the crazy part that blows my mind. Source says;

*Chrome, Android, Android TV, Android Wear and POSSIBLY Google Glass will all take on a unified design and run on this new cloud based system similar to the notification cloud service announced at IO. This system relies heavy on HTML 5 and will help unify not only notifications but app design and UI across all platforms to create a seemless experience.

I was told Android would start seeing some major design changes.

When I asked when I was told not in the near future but not in the distant future. Which is a bit vague IMO. So I did my own research (not that I don't trust him) and I can see some of the things he saying already taking place.


PS- he works for Google and I check him into my hotel when he says and visits the Chicago office. Actually a lot of them do. They have the absolute coolest credit cards I've seen, and you right away know they work for google lol.

Ps2- this was typed on my iPhone so if there are any errors I'm too lazy to go back and correct at the moment.