iTunes Radio - Does anyone use it? What do they think?

Now that Pandora has increased its price to $60/year I'm looking for a new music service to switch to. Spotify, for students, is equally priced; however, I prefer my music service to select songs for me.

I know Spotify has this feature, but I could get an equivalent radio service via iTunes Radio for only $25/year and not have to pay extra for the features I'm not personally interested in.

So my questions: does anyone use iTunes Radio a lot? How is it? How's it buffer? How's the music? Etc. I tried looking up a recent review of it but couldn't seem to find any good ones within the past month or so.

My only real concern is simply that I won't be able to listen to it at work as I can't download iTunes onto my work computer and there is no web access like Pandora and Spotify.