What I hate about Chromecast

The Remote!

Or the lack thereof. It's the one thing that keeps me from using it as my primary streaming device. It's the only reason why I buy my content on other boxes such as Roku or Apple TV.

How the hell do you control media playback? Am I missing something? Does Google have a universal app that allows you to control playback for all your Chromecast devices? I know that control options are available within the app which sends the content to the Chromecast but it almost never works for me.

Once I hit play on a video and beam it to my Chromecast I feel like the video essentially turns into a runaway train with no way to control it. Am I doing something wrong? Half the time the controls within the apps are extremely buggy and non responsive.

The problems I usually encounter are:

  • Hit play, nothing happens.... a minute later video starts playing.
  • Press pause/stop, nothing happens.....an eternity later video stops.
  • Moving video forward or back, crashes video and no longer plays.
  • While watching a video I press pause....leave for an hour, come back, press play again, and video starts over from the beginning! wtf.
  • Press play.....few minutes later I want to pause, I open app and the app doesn't even remember what I sent to the Chromecast, press play on video and video starts from the start again.

My main question is, once you start playing a video, if you ever decide to pause it, how the hell do you resume playing the video from where you stopped? 50% of the time I go back to the app and the Chromecast session for that video is no where to be found, the only way I can play that video again is starting it from the beginning.

Also why are playback controls such a pain?! Skipping ahead on Netflix seems almost impossible for me specially compared to other streaming devices where it's all seamless.

I've tried switching phones and tablets as well as buying other Chromecast but I have the same problem with all of them.

So is it just me or do other people have problems with media playback on Chromecast? If it's just me I guess I'll just give up but if it's not I hope they fix it. Google could easily just give me a damn remote app to control everything from one fucking app once the video is already playing.


So everyone is saying it's a connection issue. For all those wondering, I have Comcast (50mbps down) and never have any buffering issues with the video itself. When I play a movie on any of my devices including the Chromecast it plays almost instantly without any buffering once the video has started playing.

I'll try moving things around and see if that helps. I have an Asus AC router which has worked great for me so far but the Chromecast is the only device I seem to have problems with.