A minimal Text Editor like Jotterpad X... but on Windows?

On Android there's this beautifully designed minimal text editor: it's called Jotterpad X, it is free (beside in-app purchases for some features) and it looks almost like an Apple official app since it is so clean, polished and refined.

The problem? It is only available for Android.

I'd like to have the same almost no-tabs, no-buttons, no-bs (Evernote, I'm looking at you!) text editor for Windows (Windows 7 here).

I don't need it for coding and stuff like Notepad++ are not minimalist in my book, but clear un-designed looking stuff for developers or coders. Fugly.

So, something as sleek as an Apple thingie, the closer to Jotterpad X the better. And it has to be an offline program. Chrome Apps do not need to apply either. Thanks!

(No Notepad, Works, Word, Open Office or Office Libre. I don't need a word processor).