Advanced Technology Group and Apple Data Detectors

Very interesting article on apple insider about apple's ATG group and its work, especially in regards to apple data detectors and how valuable both google and samsung saw the invention, according to internal documents revealed at the trial. Well worth a read as it covers a lot of history and contains a number of golden quotes, I've included a few underneath, tried to stay away from the more incendiary ones. FTA;

'Apple Data Detectors, one of the most famous ideas to be patented by Apple in the early 1990s, resulted from work within the company's Advanced Technology Group, a think tank formed in 1986 by Larry Tesler "to allow Apple to study questions, technologies, and user issues that were beyond the time frame or organizational scope of any individual product group," as described by James R. Miller.

Apple's ATG, like the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center a decade earlier, was given free reign and liberal funding to work on futuristic ideas that didn't necessarily have obvious immediate product potential. Like PARC, Apple's ATG originated a variety of concepts that ended up making other companies rich or at least famous.

Apple Data Detectors originated within the ATG as a result of research into collaborative, intelligent agents aimed at using smart data analytics to make static information within a document readily actionable by users.

Development of the technology had "proven to be a painfully difficult task," the group's researchers noted.'