Forget Starbucks. A South Korean couple has built a cafe that looks like a classic Rolleiflex twin-lens camera, and they would love to hear your story as you sip down a cup of coffee.

Park Sung-hwan dreamed of becoming a military pilot ever since he was a boy in elementary school. When he informed his family of this ambition, they told him that serving in the armed forces wasn't worth pursuing. Park persevered, joining the army in 2000 and eventually becoming a helicopter pilot. But now he has another, more unusual passion; the Dreamy Camera Cafe that he runs with his wife Kwak Myung-hee, herself a retired army pilot, in Yangpyeong county — about 40 miles outside of Seoul.

"In Korea, it's likely that you'll face a problem in realizing and shaping your own path," said Park. "My wife and I wanted to build a place where anyone could share their stories and help out those who are struggling to discover or achieve their dreams. The idea for a camera-themed cafe came later."