Where is the GS5 review?!

C'mon fellas, I was hoping it would have been posted at 12:01am today. I am debating between the M8 and GS5, and would love to know the Verge's take on how the GS5 camera is. I think I know it will be better than the M8's given David's review, but still would love to read about it.

On a side note, I love the Verge for review videos and the technology pieces. As an avid fan of the site, I am a little disappointed that they seem to be going another direction and covering more culture than tech. Not sure why they are doing this, but I find myself reading less and less on the site as the tech stuff loses coverage.

I'm sure they will still be fine and push plenty of traffic, but I have to say the site seems far less personal and more corporate as time goes on.