Google Drive vs OneDrive: Which do you prefer?

Hi all,

I'd like to know which cloud storage service you prefer between Google and Microsoft. I'd be all on-board with Google Drive since I'm more integrated Google's services, but I have a couple of complaints:

  • Auto-upload feature for photos on Android only goes to Google+, but I want the actual files in my storage solution, where I can move them between folders, etc. I can upload photos one at a time, but that is an annoying work-around.
  • Google Docs only lives in the cloud, which is problematic because I like having my own proprietary copies downloaded somewhere. I guess I can download as MS format, open format, or PDF, but I really like tight integration with a single service.
Other than that I really love Google's services, but OneDrive addresses both of my complaints by allowing me complete control over my files and cloud access.
What are your thoughts?