Funny how NOT one heartbleed story mentions that Microsoft and IIS are immune.

Microsoft IIS Web and Windows 2012 File servers are immune to heartbleed, since they don't use openSSL. Microsoft web servers use Microsoft’s SChannel

Funny how the blogs and news outlets mention that Facebook, Gmail, Amazon, Yahoo!, Twitter, AOL, Godaddy and others "fixed it" quickly (after 2 years of being vulnerable) but never mention that all Microsoft web servers (like the IRS uses for your tax returns) are immune, as well as all Hotmail, MSN, Live and email accounts!

They are so quick to jump on Microsoft, when Windows has a vulnerability. (many of them related to java)

Sheesh, give some credit when its due!

PS. Am I correct that the Windows RT 8.1.1 on my Nokia 2520 tablet is still immune to viruses as of April 2014?