Password saving apps (Update)

Hey guys,

Ive been meaning to get a proper app that saves my passwords, cards and so on in one handy place. This need has been highlighted in the events of the past few days. So heres my question :

Which app do you guys use? How good are they? Whats good / bad about them ?

I have been looking at 1Password. But here in Australia, it costs AUD $32 for the Macbook version, and AUD $11 for the iOS version. Now I'm hoping that once i download it on my iPad i will get it for free on my iPhone too? is that correct. And before everyone goes on to call me a cheapskate, I'm not. I am open to paying for a good app that will sync across all my devices and work flawlessly but paying AuD $42 is quite a lot in my opinion. . .

So yea, some input be good from you intelligent folk out there!

Update: Suddenly after all this time, a lightbulb went off this morning. I have decided that I will be using Pages to store my app. Got it free on my iPad (recent purchase), therefore free on my iPhone too. Had purchased Pages on my Macbook Pro a while ago, therefore have the latest Pages 09. There is a feature in there where you can password protect documents. So made a new one, put a password on it. And now i have that doc on my iPhone, iPad, Mac, and iCloud. Works well for me.

Thank you everyone for your responses!