Leaving Android

I was an iPhone user from 2010 until 2013. In the summer of 2013, my iPhone 4 met with some water and as I would expect immediately stopped functioning. However after just 1 week of being sat in some rice, it came back to life and worked as well as it always did (lucky hey ?!). As time went on though, the battery started getting worse. It was only until updating to iOS 7 that it got unbearable.

I didn't want to carry out any repairs myself, plus Apple wouldn't touch a water damaged phone, so I decided to go on the search of a new one. At the time, I was unemployed and definitely couldn't afford a new iPhone, so I eventually ended up with a Galaxy S4 on contract, which despite being a Samsung's flagship at the time, was much cheaper than the iPhone 5c or 5s on the same contract.

At first I loved the S4. I'd used other large screen Android devices in the past and thought that the iPhone was definitely too small and all the usual stuff that comes from an Android fanboy these days. But then the annoyances started. Firstly, random reboots. I had to send my phone away and was without it for 14 days. Annoying, considering I was paying a relatively high amount for this phone. My phone returned, surprisingly without any carrier bloatware and factory unlocked (nothing to complain about).

I eventually received a job offer, which involved moving to Denmark from the UK. I accepted and took my S4 with me, as my carrier allows use of your UK plan in 10 countries, of which Denmark is one. As soon as I arrived, my phone kept dropping signal and losing any connection with the network whatsoever. While annoying, I gave it the benefit of the doubt as I thought maybe it's just a roaming issue. Then I bought a Danish SIM only contract, as my phone was fully unlocked since it's trip to Samsung's service centre. I had the same network problems. I'm not living/working in a remote area of Denmark, I'm in Copenhagen, the capital. The network I use covers 99% of Denmark and my girlfriend my colleagues using the same network have absolutely no problems. Yet again, another issue with the phone.

Now I understand, these are all probably Samsung related problems, not Android, but here's where that changes. I never realised how much babying you have to do with Android. It really is the Windows of the mobile world, except Windows isn't as fragmented. I went into using Android knowing that updates would be slower than I was used to and that's fine, but when I'm having to wait for a rollout based on geographical position...come on, that's just ridiculous. If Apple can cope with releasing updates at the same time, both Google and Android OEMs can as well.

Then there's Android instability. Constant app crashing. And the best thing, my keyboard crashed. Yes, my KEYBOARD. And to top it all, it was Google's keyboard, one I'd have thought would be one of the most stable. Then random app crashes pretty regularly. App quality is far below what iOS offers, apps are often buggy and inconsistent in design. While this can't be totally blamed on Google and Android, some kind of guidelines need to be enforced, again, like Apple or even Microsoft with Windows Phone. Then, Wi-fi issues. Every Android device that tries to connect to my wi-fi here, drops connection or just refuses to connect at all. Both Apple devices and Microsoft devices have absolutely no problems. And from what I heard, it's due to Android dropping compatibility for some standards.

So now I've come to the end of my Android ownership. I have to let my contract run, which while annoying is nowhere near as annoying as using Android devices has been. Next month, I fully intend to buy another device. I don't know whether it'll be an iPhone or one of the many Lumias on offer now, but one thing's for certain, Android is a no go for me from now on.