"Facebook 8.1" app spotted on Lumia 930 (UPDATE: Tweet from Joe Belfiore)

I've just watched this German hands-on video showing WP8.1 running on a Lumia 930 and a Lumia 925.


As you can see, the 930 has a "Facebook 8.1" app listed in the apps list and pinned to the Start screen. There's no "Facebook 8.1" app currently available in the WP app store, so it seems to be a WP8.1 only app.

Maybe this is the new universal FB app for both WP and Windows that MS said would be coming soon.

Other interesting observations from this video:

  • In the German version of WP8.1, the date which is shown below the time when you open the action center, is written in the DD.MM. format, which is more common in German speaking countries. (A different video shows that the action center is called "Info-Center" in German :/)
  • This must be one of the first videos that shows 8.1 running on a Lumia 925. I think it looks beautiful.


In this video (which was probably made at the same Nokia press event in Germany as the other video above), you can see "Facebook 8.1" not only in the apps list, but also integrated into the photos hub next to OneDrive (in this screenshot, the reporter is choosing a background image for the Start screen). Seems like this is the real deal ;)


According to the article that goes with this video (from April 8th), the demo devices that were used at that press event run a very recent build of WP8.1, probably very similar to the one developers will get as a preview. So it's possible that this is the Facebook app that comes preloaded in WP8.1 and hooks into the OS, as predicted by WPcentral.


Joe Belfiore, leader of the team developing WP, just tweeted that the facebook app for WP8.1 looks very similar to the WP8 app, but has better integration into the OS, including Cortana functionality.


  1. Yes, there will be a new FB app for WP8.1
  2. No, it won't be a completely new app design.
  3. Yes, the app will integrate into the OS to replace some of the current built-in FB integration.
  4. You'll be able to do things like opening a friend's profile, starting a conversation etc. via Cortana. They talked about this type of 3rd party app integration at Build. Any dev can have their app integrated into Cortana, so the user can say the app's name first, and then a command ("Facebook, show me Taube's profile")