What Did We Really Gain with KitKat?


I don`t know if you can tell but, my screen is cracked on my Moto X. Not only that the digitizer is shot and the screen won`t work at all. So now I am back on my Razr M. So you are probably like "that`s terrible, that`s a shitty device", and I would disagree because I didn`t notice that many changes between the two. Let me explain:

When I had my Moto X I loved every minute of it. It`s fast, reliable, good battery life and everything. More than anything the OS (4.4.2.) was fantastic. But, now that I m back on my Razr M with (4.1.2) I realized not much has changed on the android side that is forward facing. More than anything I noticed, that things are a lot more blue on the Razr M. I actually am glad they changed it to white. But other than that I was surprised. I mean 4.1 Jellybean is from 2012 and it`s 2014 with 4.4.2. and I am struggling to notice any real changes. I mean besides immersive mode and the UI color change, there isn`t much (IMO) that I can say is that different.

And while there are performance differences, I can`t say that I am unhappy right now. I am content with just using my Razr M for now. Maybe its because I only have very few apps:



I don`t know. Maybe I am just tripping but this just my thought process. As for what I am do as far as phones go, Ill use my Razr M until I get some money to get a new phone, so I might get the HTC M8 instead of replacing my Moto X. But for now I`m fine just using my Razr M, go figure.