A very undermined problem with Windows.

I recently helped my aunt buy a laptop, Lenovo flex 15; fairly decent laptop at a goof price. It's been with her for over a couple of weeks. I went to see her yesterday and the laptop was in bad shape....

By bad shape, I mean there is so much of junk in her laptop right now that it's virtually unusable. Conduit search, ask search, bla bla bla toolbars, bla bla bla extensions, bla bla bla driver scanners. After so much junk installed, it's only obvious that it slows the hell out of everything and my aunt ends up being frustrated.

Now I know it's part fault of the user, but the average user doesn't really know anything about this junk. They want the laptop to "just work". A more aware user makes sure he/she keeps her pc free from such software but unfortunately, a major chunk of pc users don't have a clue about these things and unknowingly, they end up bad mouthing Microsoft or whatever oem the laptop is made by.

Windows has 90% plus market share of the pc market, so it's obvious that these shady companies target windows. I wonder if OSX has the same problem. Finally, how can Microsoft address the issue, can they even do something about it or is it just a down side of being the most used pc os.