Ativ Book 9 Lite?

Im currently looking for a secondary laptop to accompany my 13" mid 2011 macbook air. It will be mainly used for whenever Im on the go which is quite often. Im in school 5 days a week for 6 to 8 hours doing research papers along with taking notes. Then Im also usually out and about during my spare time. My battery life on my air is about 6 hours or so when multi-tasking. I don't really use any applications that are too cpu demanding. I don't use photoshop video editing nor do i play video games on my notebooks. Ill be using microsoft office for word processing power points and excel, excessive internet use with multiple tabs along with video and music streaming in the background or on the side, pdf viewing, photo editing for my dslr, downloading videos and music, and also any applications via the market for language learning. My air handles those tasks with no complaints and i hardly ever keep anything on my hard drive since I have an external hard drive that works for mac and window computers.

So its plainly obvious that i don't need a powerhouse laptop. The air has a 1.7ghz i5 with 128gb. So Im not entirely sure how this i5 will compare to amd processors. I had the hp chromebook 11 and tested it for 3 weeks during school which was mid terms. Which put it to the ultimate test to see if it could handle my workload to my expectations. It was fine for the first week but once I started using it more often I ended up experiencing page scrolling lag, slightly slow page loading, and audio shutter here and there. Other than that the ips display was pretty awesome, the keyboard and trackpad response was just about equal with my air (maybe the trackpad lacked a bit more), and the speakers weren't too bad either. But I tend to use headphones most of the time anyways.

The main notebook that Im looking at is the samsung ativ book 9 lite. Ive found one thats LNIB for $600. Im not sure if its worth the cost. I feel like it is, but i don't want to make the purchase and end up regretting it. Im really into the aesthetics of something I'm investing my money into. Especially since Ive purchased a macbook air and then the hp chromebook 11. And the samsung ativ book 9 lite is something thats really appealing to me. If the ativ book 9 lite isn't worth it then i suppose I'll just end up preordering the new 11.6" samsung chromebook 2 to see if that will work out. Any information or help would be greatly appreciated.