Next-gen is dull

Apologies for the Vergey click-bait title ;)

It is pretty dull though. Coming out of the tail-end of last gen where there was an abundance of cheap, stellar titles to play, it's hard not to be bored if a next gen console is your only hardware. Sure, there's plenty to keep me playing with PSN+ free titles etc. but there's nothing stand-out at all. AC4 was decent, Infamous is ok (and a technical masterpiece), NFS is entertaining. PSN+ titles are pretty much nothing more than time killers with Resogun being the only real hint of quality.

A lot of stuff feels rushed. Like they had enough time to get the core mechanics down but not enough to actually fill it with meaningful single player content. Infamous particularly, it's full of repetitive and deliberate wasting of the player's time to expand game time. NFS has pretty much zero meaningful single player content. The gameplay consists of nothing more than to-do lists. Great base mechanics, no content is the overwhelming theme of next-gen for me and I'm craving remakes of last-gen (TLOU/GTAV etc.)