How hot does your Lumia get?

Today my Lumina 1020 got REALLY hot.... but I was really pushing it to be honest. It is certainly a workhorse of a phone and give it quite a bit of abuse!

I was using my 1020 as my in car sat sav for 2 hours straight..... this itself makes the unit pretty hot, but to make things even more intense I had enabled internet sharing (3G) so that my sister could surf the web on the Surface whilst in the car.

Add to the fact it was a warm spring day plus and the phone was on constant charge in the car.

So when I took the phone out the car holder I nearly burnt my fingers in the process! To be precise the metal casing on the camera unit was burning hot! You could cook an egg on it ! I am pretty sure the 1020 metal casing has dual purpose and has been engineered to work as a heat sink for the internal processor or at least help dissipate internal heat.

I also have a Nokia wireless in car charger but doesn't work great with the 1020 (probably down to the camera hump) and always stops charging the phone so have resort to direct USB cable charging.

Am wondering if any of you have any stories about your lumias getting incredibly hot...

I was so worried that the unit might have got heat damage so I tested out the camera later that day..... the result laid my fears to rest... :)