Are console companies just as bad United States Mobile Carriers?

It seems like every new generation that the experience is getting worse within the console software and ecosystem. You technically pay for "cheap hardware" but pay premium costs for everything just like being on Verizon.

Here are some of my gripes,

Digital Pre-loading seems to be non existent and limited at best within the new generation. Game prices still averaging at $60 and you're still pretty much forced to deal with the strip mall experience in 2014. You're still forced to pay a yearly fee to play Multiplayer and use applications like Netflix, Crackle, Hulu. It's like paying every month to access apps you use daily on your smartphone that are free to use.

The hardware within the new consoles seem to be still graphically equivalent to low/normal on PC. Games still experience frame rate drops within the the new generation. Why isn't there a premium hardware option for the hardcore enthusiasts to buy a console with the 4770k processor and a 780ti graphics card for $1500?

Also, privacy is not respected at all, you have to appear offline to prevent stalking and getting DDoS'd in game multiplayer, which people will do anyway to you to get a higher rank within "competitive" game modes. On the Xbox One, they implemented "following people" which makes stalking easier. You also can't create different multiplayer aliases for your console account without having pay extra money to make those accounts get access to the network.

What do you guys think?