Android work more quickly/efficiently than iOS 7 according to The Verge writers

I was just browsing the web and I came across this Tweet from Joshua Topolsky. Apparently android gets work done quicker and faster than ios 7. I've used android on a nexus 7 and I'm not about to get into a fanboy war but I'm not seeing how one works faster and more efficiently than the other. On iOS 7 I can check notifications and the weather in notifications center, control center gives me access to plenty of quick controls especially music. I can ask siri to check emails, what people are saying on twitter, text, and more importantly play music. I can use a fantastic feature called airplay that images and thing from my iPad to AppleTV. Touch ID is a very quick way to open my iphone and download apps. iOS has a robust ecosystem of apps especially on the iPad with news apps like the office suite. iWork apps helps me get plenty of things done and when I email documents it gives me the option to send it as a word file. I can post pics to twitter, facebook, flickr, icloud photos, from the photos app and the only thing missing is instagram. Some may not like the safari icon but the app itself is great especially features like reading list and syncs quite well with my ios devices. And my most favorite feature is airdrop takes the hassle of having to text or email a huge file and just have work through bluetooth or wifi.

So my question is what exactly is he talking about. I don't use android at all so I'm pretty confused because I use iPhone & iPad at all times and the work I do on it is great, efficient, and fast. Is he fussing about geek features like customizable keyboards, widgets, and a bunch of other flashy feature most average consumers won't use. iOS can always get better no doubt about that but his needs are fairly strange compared to 90% of people that buy tech products.