“It’s all in the little things.” It’s a common axiom in sports, in design, and in life. Inches make champions; big things have small beginnings; a small leak can sink a giant ship. It’s a tired cliché, but it’s true. It’s even true in smartphones. Apple’s greatest success isn’t the iPhone’s camera or its software or its battery life — it’s the scrolling and drawing animations, the obvious care put into even the smallest parts of the user experience. They’re things you might never even notice or name, but the small things add up to something important. Details matter.

That’s never been Samsung’s strong suit. Samsung is big. It makes big phones with big screens with big ideas intended to push the boundaries of what a smartphone could or would or should ever do. But this year, Samsung’s trying something a little bit different. With the new Galaxy S5, the Korean company says it focused on the things that matter, not the gimmicky, overbearing features that have unfortunately become its calling card. It’s back to basics, back to what really makes a great smartphone.

The result is on sale now, for $199 or $249 on virtually every major carrier. It’s a big phone made up of a lot of little things.