Been away since the 3gs, coming back with the 5s


Just bought an iPhone 5s 32GB Gold, my first Apple phone since the 3gs. The last phone I had was Android, a HTC One X.

If you're curious about the reason - I just find that the ecosystem with iOS is superior to Android and Windows Phone, at least at the moment.

And I'm looking for advice. It won't be arriving until tomorrow and I was looking for feedback from those of you who own one, if there's any advice that you may give i.e free apps that you can't live without, caring for the phone, perhaps what accessories you bought for it. About any of the features of the phone I should watch out for...

Also what do you think of the phone? Of course I've done my research, read reviews and what not, weighed the pros and cons of not waiting for the iphone 6 and such... but I think the best feedback will always be from people who actually own the thing.

Can you help? (Thanks in advance.)