The Xbox One Craves for Cortana

The current state of Xbox One's Kinetic voice recognition while fast is still lackluster. It lacks polish, and its pretty dumb ad feels dumber as every other voice recognition interface gets a lot better.

I've a Android phone and use Google's now search every day and its pretty accurate, I'll say it recognizes more than 90% of what I say. The same goes for Siri, which I use on my wife's iPad, not as often but just as accurate.

Now, I'm NOT a native English speaker and while I'm qualified as a bilingual person my accent is not perfect, still Siri and google now learn constantly my particular accent nuances it seems, because they get better at recognizing what I say as the time goes by. In the other hand, Kinect barely recognizes 40% of what I say, what's more disappointing is that I repeat the same commands over and over again, Turn On, Turn Off, Go Home, Go to My Games and Apps, etc... I'm not even talking about doing more complicated searches using Bing.

One of the things that could be improved is opening games, I need to spell the full name of the game for instance if I want to open Tomb Raider, I need to say "Go To Tomb Raider Definitive Edition", I understand I may have several versions of Tomb Raider installed on my system and by just saying open Tomb Raider it may not recognize which version I'm talking about. But there is just one Tomb Raider installed on my system and not opening can be considered dumb, even if there are various versions, it could just open the ones that is more recent, more used or just give you a sub menu.

Cortana in the other hand seems to be better at voice recognition and at performing smart actions, I still don't know the extend of the improvements because I'm not using the software but seems to be better than the current status of Kinect.

It is pretty sad that the voice recognition part of kinect is not as good as it should be because its purpose is actually pretty genius, its a very powerful feature and gets addictive pretty fast, even when it recognizes 40% of what I say, but is sad to say that on its current state is just a gimmick, but has the potential of becoming integral on your living room experience.