What's the difference between Vox.com and TheVerge?

You have a new sister site, hurrah! I'm however very confused.

TheVerge originally was purely tech, which was what brought me over from Engadget, and later ThisIsMyNext. Over the past few months, the content of this site has seen changed; less technology news, reviews and videos about tech in general. That's fine, I enjoy the new editorials, the recent one about boxing was great and Katie Drummond's debut with the face transplant brought back memories of John Travolta and Nicholas Cage screaming at each other in Face / Off, it's well written content, it's lovely. I have complaints though.

Now, if Vox covers news, what reason does TheVerge have to cover items likes the Mozilla CEO fiasco, or the ill-fated Malaysian Airlines flight? As far as I know, the rising sentiment amongst readers of TheVerge is that you guys are spreading yourselves too thin. I mean, are we going to have a GS5 review today, or nah? Why doesn't the Windows Phone 8.1 review have video? You can't just come swashbuckling into the technology journalism sphere, challenge the status quo, set new amazing standards, and after a short while fail to continually meet them.

If you're more than just tech now, great. Evolution is a good thing, but if you're going to cover breaking news and other stuff, why exactly should I bookmark Vox.com? You know how you sometimes have stuff on the front page with the header "From Polygon"? I humbly suggest you move culture culture to Vox and treat it how you treat Polygon, because as of right now, it seems like you're doing everything, but nothing well: Jack of all trades, master of none.