Moto G allowed on Verizon contract plan?

So I have a friend with a very broken Samsung Illusion. It's funny, she said "it's called the Illusion because it looked like a cool phone but actually it sucks." It really is terribad. Her screen is cracked pretty badly and she has these weird screen protector strips on it. Her battery is awful as well. I've been telling her she deserves a better phone, but she doesn't have enough money to buy one off contract right now.

I've been reading nothing but good things about the Moto G for the price. If she could snag one for $99 off contract, I think she'd leap at the opportunity. However, I think she's on a contract plan, potentially a family plan with her mother but I don't know for sure. Would she/I be able to buy the Moto G off contract and call Verizon to activate it on a contract plan? It said it's for prepaid... but it would be awesome if she could use it on a contract plan.

If anyone knows... I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!