New XBox-Music app - I HATE IT!!!

So with 8.1 the Music and Videos Hub got replaced by separate Apps - So far so good (hint: no, it's not. It's not good at all) But yet again this means not an improvement but a step back in features:

- There's no "NEW MUSIC" view any more. Nor is there a Recently played view. Not possible to just click the last thing i played or the one before and listen to that. NOOO, i have to search it. That means if i add ten songs from ten different bands there's a big chance i'll run into forgetting how that artist was called of where i put that song and having to endlessly search the album art view. WTF? In my book there should be a pane to sort songs by "date added" next to Artist, Album, Genre and so on. Until now, we had at least "New" and "Recently played" in a tile view after starting the app. Now both are gone

- No Swipe on Album cover back and forth to change tracks - instead i have to use tiny buttons (weren't we past that?) Speaking of which:

- NO ALBUM COVER on my LIVE TILE. Still. And in the app itself it takes forever to display the correct Album Art after switching a track whereas it used to be instantly before. Some it just doesn't Display at all (it did before. All of them) I mean - really? Just a green tile?

-Last but not least: A whole Panel view (right where "New" and "Recently Played" used o be) is basically an advertisement for Miscrosofts XBM-Service and offers me stuff i don't want for a service i don't use.

I'm really pissed right now, it took me long enough to take the leap and replace proper MP3-Player usage with a smartphone, only to have MS make it worse and worse.. (remember when we had that awesome Zune Software that could WIRELESSLY SYNC tracks to your cellphone?)

Christs sake MS get it together or at least tell me you're trying!