Is the Galaxy S5 the worst flagship of every major OEM post Android 4.0?

Reviews are in, it's time to think about it.

Despite making more money than all Android OEMs combined, in an era where OEMs are closer than ever to shut down their smartphone prospects (HTC is closer than ever to lose money and has 0 resources/plan B, Sony still can't profit from phones and we know what they are doing with the VAIO brand, LG still lost money (or close) despite never selling as many devices (just goes to show how meaningless and stupid market share is as a metric, by itself), Motorola is losing money and being thrown away as an hot potato, Nokia is an useless potato, etc. You get the point.), Samsung just managed to achieve the point where (presently) it has the worst flagship of all OEMs, as of today, the day their flagship was released.

The exynos SoCs never were as useless, shitty and irrelevant as they are today. Their new camera, designed in house, get's its ass kicked by multiple devices. They managed to produce a great screen, maybe the best (as of today), but it isn't even a full step forward when compared with the competition. Their take on Android is the most worthless, irrational, heavy, laggy, confusing and ugly of every single OEM.

Benchmarks and spec sheets never tell the true story, but they were always Samsung's sanctuary to fool less knowledgable buyers. They still tried it with the S5 (8 core version of exynos,16 mp camera, an even bigger screen), but their lack of talent to design (not manufacturer) SoC when compared to Qualcomm and the new asskicker in that department (Apple and the A7) is humiliating. Samsung is never ahead on any benchmark, while it is trounced on a number of occasions.

The phone is even bigger and uglier than the S3 and S4, it's amazing how they managed to do that, not to mention how their top of the line still lags, in 2014.

Then, after Android 4.0 (the time where Samsung left off in pursuit of their own identity and design language) they are finally coming to their roots: Trying to implement and copy every future, like the fingerprint scanner, gold color, etc.

So, should they pray the lord for those sad minds that worship plastic cases with removable batteries in 2014, as well as those that in times where tech is always present, still can only read 8 cores > 4 cores and bigger screen = better phone at all cost?

While we should throw their mobile devision in the button of an ocean of crap, we all should pray their marketing agencies. LG should take a look. They made a better galaxy s5 6 months ago, I can only imagine how companies like Motorola, HTC and LG would be with those marketing agencies.