I need to recharge 3 times a day. Help: G2 vs S5 vs Moto X vs Nexus 5

Hey guys!

My smartphone is a Motorola Razr I and I would like to share my terror movie with you:

Camera: It's ULTRA SLOW, the camera takes at least 3 seconds to open and at least 3 seconds to take a photo (with HDR on, 10 seconds).

Battery: A few days ago, 5 hours in wifi, with no screen on, the battery went from 100% to 56%!! With 3g on, my battery usually goes 20% per hour. With wifi, 10%. I usually can't use more than 1:30 of screen (in lowest brightness) per day.

Heat: The smartphone heats A LOT, specially with 3g. 3g on and... suddenly I have a sun in my pocket.

Screen: Pentile. Need I say more?

Ok, you got it. BTW, there is no HTC in my country, so please don't suggest the M8 - I know it's great, but what can I do..

I need a new phone!!!! Now help me decide which!

I want a phone that doesn't require me to recharge 3 times a day, that I can let the 3g/4g, or even the wifi, on for a full day. I also need a camera that is FAST - I consider my iPad camera ultra fast. And a screen that is good. I thinking I'm not asking a lot, am I?

So.. the S5 has a nice ultra power saving that can last 24h with only 10% of charge. The Moto X has the active notifications (which aren't essential but are very nice) and a battery that can last 24h. The G2 has the 'tap twice to turn on' thing and the battery looks good, but the modifications from LG are very bad - it does not even have a multitasking button!! -, the Nexus 5 has pure android and a great screen, but I'm not sure the battery is good.

If you could get all of them for the same price, which one would you choose?