Yes, Apple did get Touch ID right the first time

So i was going through David Pierce's review on the Galaxy S5 and it was pretty good. As i go though it I see him talking about the fingerprint reader on how it's a pain in the ass to use it. You can't use it with one hand and the swiping gesture can be inconsistent and as I go through the review i see him quote this. "Next to Samsung's implementation, Apple's TouchID suddenly feels easy and consistent. (It's not.)

What the hell! I've had the iPhone 5S since the day it came out and i've never had a problem with the touch id sensor while I'm holding it in one hand. I can literally move my finger anyway to try to trick it but it works almost every time. The only time it won't work is if I have maybe Cheetos powder on my thumbs or i just got out the shower and my fingers are wrinkled but other then that it works great. I literally can't go without it and its to the point where I forget I even use it now because it that easy. Sometimes it works a little bit too well because I barely touch it sometimes and it unlocks my phone. I do believe Touch ID is innovative because of it's ease of use and I can't wait to see it move forward to other things. I hated using passcodes to point I just said the hell with it, so I'm glad apple created touch id and made sure it worked great the first time. How do y'all feel about Touch ID and do y'all ever use.

And also I am not tearing his review apart at all. I don't use a samsung phone and nor do i care about them at all. I just saw something in his review that I just wanted to bring up for discussion.