My first 4 days with the Samsung Gear Fit

My 4 day review and quick impressions of the Gear Fit. I actually wasn't even planning on buying this, but I had an opportunity too good to pass up, got it for $100 cash on Craigslist. A guy had pre-ordered the Fit and the Neo, but didn't like the Fit because he said it was too small for his wrist and wanted more functionality that the Neo provided. It was listed for $150, but I offered the guy $100 ASAP, he took the offer.


  • Beautiful curved screen and good build quality.
  • Really nice design, get compliments and curious reactions all the time at work and other places. When I wear it I feel like I am from the future, this could be good or bad depending on you.
  • Smaller than a thought it would be in the pictures.
  • Vertical orientation, thank goodness they added this.
  • Wrist notifications are very handy. I have to keep my GS4 on silent or vibrate at work (hospital), so not having to take it it out of my pocket is a huge plus.
  • Battery life looks to be about 4 days with light to medium use in my case, not too bad.
  • Syncs super quick to my GS4 in all operations.
  • Wish it had a small speaker for sound notifications like a beep, but it has a strong double vibration alert.
  • Email and text is very awkward to read in any orientation, but works okay for a quick glance.
  • Heart rate and fitness functionality is spotty, sometimes works great, sometimes not.
  • Clip on charger is a bad solution, this needs to have a charging pad where you can just set it on at night.
  • I'd like to see a leather band for it in the future.
  • Dual pin band isn't so great to use, but doesn't feel like it will fall off.

My personal opinion after 4 days is that Samsung has the hardware really nicely done, but the software still needs work and the charging solution needs to be rethought. I always used to take my phone out to check the time or see if I had important emails or texts, but this is no longer the case. I don't think smart-watches are for everyone, but I think i'll keep this one until Google's Wear partners start rolling out their new products. I would like to see Samsung make a curved AMOLED version of the Gear 2 Neo with Wear software. I'm still in the process of figuring out if a smart-watch will make my life easier. Anyway, that is my impression for any Verge folks interested in this device.