Web video full screen not working correctly in Chrome on my Mac

I have a 2013 Macbook Air running Mavericks with all the latest updates & Chrome beta 35 and I'm now having an issue where web video(flash and HTML5, but not Silverlight) will not go to full screen correctly. It'll go full screen but the dock and menu bar, plus the top bar of Chrome. If I make Chrome itself full screen, it mostly fixes the problem, though Chrome's top bar is still there and this isn't convenient.

Firefox and Safari don't have this issue, though oddly when it first started Firefox did(I didn't check Safari) and it was only Youtube videos, not say other sites. Now it is only Chrome but it's all web video that I've tried.

Separately, Netflix has stopped working in Chrome, where as soon as I start a video it says Silverlight has crashed, with a black screen. Again, works fine in FF + Safari.