WP8.1 Annoying Changes

Ok so many of us no doubt have got WP8.1 and been playing with it for a while. Some great new features in there with cortana, separate volume controls, swype keyboard..... But I can't help thinking we have gone backwards in a couple of areas, for me annoying things are:

  • Games are now in the app list with no option to remove them, the games hub also now shows an updating... message on load slowing you down. I like the separation of games/apps and want it back in some way. Ultimately I would like first left swipe apps list second swipe left games list but just enabling the previous way of doing it would be good enough.
  • Less emphasis on hubs. One of the compelling features of WP for me was hubs for music+video, contacting people, pictures.... I wanted more integration like this but we seem to be just moving closer to matching iOS/Android functionality removing the uniqueness

Are there any changes you don't like?