Did WP 8.1 Update Solve Your "Other" Storage Problem?

After installing the 8.1 update on my Lumia 920, I noticed my Other storage completely emptied. Though I don't think I've seen it at 0 bytes, I didn't think it odd that is would be empty right an update, I thought I would keep an eye on it.

I used the phone as I normally would, but also did a few things that were found to increase Other's size.

  • Took about 90 pictures and had them auto upload to OneDrive
  • Open and searched through a half dozen albums stored on OneDrive
  • Streamed several videos directly from OneDrive as well Netflix
  • Downloaded several hundred emails from my work's Exchange server.

After 24 hours, I was surprised to see that Other storage wasn't the gigabytes I was used to, but it was still reading ZERO bytes.

I mentioned this in another thread and one commenter said his/hers was at 9.45 MB.

Chime in with your experience. Maybe this problem is finally licked.