How would you rank the current Android flagships?

Imagine that a magical leprechaun showed up and offered you a choice of any of the latest Android flagships. In what order would you take them? For the sake of argument, assume that you have to use it in stock configuration - no custom ROMs or GPE editions allowed.

Here's my current ordering of preferences:

1. Nexus 5 - Because #holoyolo.

2. HTC One - I hate to admit it, but I actually really like the look of the new Sense. And that industrial design...

3. Sony Z2 - Insane specs, and pretty much everything else about it is great too. Honestly, I would seriously consider buying any one of the top three at this point.

4. Samsung Galaxy S5 - Touchwiz appears to be significantly improved, but it just doesn't seem as interesting as the others.

5. Moto X - Fantastic software, but the hardware specs are just too far behind the competition at this point. I assume that the X2 will be amazing.

6. LG G2 - The specs are still good, but the button placement is stupid, the skin is the ugliest of all of them, and the whole schizophrenic kitchen-sink approach to adding new features just doesn't appeal to me.