Things where the industry should work together on a standard

With smartphones, tablets and wearables becoming part of everyday life for a lot of folks, what things would you like to see be universal instead of brand specific. For me;

1) Car play and the rest, I'd like to see a standard where any smartphone/device could connect to all the competing systems that are incoming, seems like a waste to have certain car brands being tied to each platform. Maybe the after market systems will be more platform agnostic.

2) Messaging, I love imessage but would like to use it when keeping intouch with people on different platforms instead of being bounced to sms.

3) Airplay/miracast, airplay is fantastic, haven't used miracast, I read a few comments on here saying it wasn't as smooth. Would be nice if one standard that worked well could be agreed on.

4) Facetime, I'd like to see facetime become a hub for all the different video messaging services, or skype, whatever you use, being interoperable with everything else.

One of the worse cases of fragmentation is between platforms with all the different implementations of what has or will become standard smartphone features. I think the industry should work together more on a few standards, still have room for differentiation, but for certain things a little more cooperation would benefit us all as customers.