Project Hera has a son: Ares for Chrome

Credit to Joey-Elijah Sneddon of OMG! Chrome/Ubuntu and Craig Tumblison for discovering the existence of this. Everything else is my own personal speculation.


That bug report has now been restricted. A live piece evidence can be seen here, on comment 18.

Now, what could Ares possibly be? The bug reports don't tell us much, but I'm tempted to wager that it's Hera for Chrome. Ares is the son of Hera in Greek mythology, and phrases such as "how does it come up, how does it disappear" reminds me a bit of how Hera was talked about in Android. Multiple views? Sure sounds like a way of easily accessing information to me.

Given the name relation and those phrases I pointed out, I really believe that Ares is going to be a way to access Hera's information from Chrome. I know the evidence is rather flimsy, but there's no way they could have the name relationship and not be strongly correlated with each other.