Project Ara: Why I think this is awesome, and more

I think that Ara is the best idea that ever came into the smartphone world. One thing for sure is that it will beenefit nearly EVERYONE in the world.

Lets say we have 3 people, a doctor, a hobbyist photographer, and a (third-world) grandma.

The doctor can opt to putting x-ray and a bunch of other sensors to make it a medical device.

The photographer can opt for the best camera, screen and battery

and the grandma can have a basic phone for call and text, at the same time having a phone that they wont get made fun of by the family.

These 3 are just a partial example of use cases for this type of thing.

And more...

I wish that they would also put Ara into laptops so if a game needed a better processor you wont need a whole new laptop.

Thats all :D