The Verge Daily Off-Topic: Passwords and Mobile Are Dead (Wed April 16)


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So yeah, let's just gloss over the fact that I was unable to do the Verge Daily yesterday, and let's bring it back full force today! Here's 90 Seconds on the Verge!



SGS5? Gear Fit? Windows whatever it was?

Nah this is the review you want. The Mac Allister 520W Electric Hedge Trimmer it’s what the verge should be covering after all. So without further ado, read on…

Design – 10

The design is perfect. The blades are at the front, the handle at the back. The handle has a soft plasticky feel, that is comfortable for extended use. The design is compact but fully functional

Display – 0

The fact that this size device doesn’t have any display in the 2014 is a joke. I expected at least a 4.7" 1080p IPS screen. But no. It does have a cable loop though

Camera – 0

Again no camera. Now I need to get a gorilla pod and a go pro to record my hedge trimming and replay in super slowmo

Reception – n/a

Unfortunately reception is exceptionally poor at my house, so I am unable to confirm whether this has any reception at all

Performance – 10 or 5

The performance was to be expected, only being let down by the inexperience of its user

Software – 2

There’s on. And off. 1 point for each.

Battery life – 10

It’s plugged into the mains. It will run all day. You will run out of charge before it does, well unless we run out of fossil fuels

Ecosystem – 4

As it stands as version 1.0, there is no App Store, there isn’t even copy and paste or MMS. That sounds familiar…

However as this is all about gardening, and you can’t get more Eco than that.

Overall 7.25476

No idea how it came to that figure, some weird mathematical algorithm no doubt.

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I must have that hedgetrimmer. Unfortunately, I also probably need a hedge to trim. Also, there are a lot of great articles that came out from yesterday. Is anyone else excited about the Project Ara, or if nothing else at least the concept?