Let's Get Real: Apple's Not Perfect...

... but they are pretty damn close :) I have been on an Apple buying spree since I grew to love my very first Apple product, the original iPhone. Since then I have owned 2 MacBooks, almost every iteration of iPhone, 2 iPads and several other small accessory products (routers, iPods etc.) and got people close to me to buy many of their products as well. Not a single one has failed me and the ones I don't use are still in use by others (except the original iPhone but I have it and it still works!). After reading a post about how great the reliability is of Apple products (which I undoubtedly agree with due to experience) they still have their quirks that annoy me regularly. Here are a few of mine in order that have brought me the most angst.

1. Safari takes a break - Recently over the past month Safari on my Mac will randomly just stop loading. I have uninstalled it and re-downloaded it but to no avail. When this happens I just have Chrome handy on the next desktop.

2. SD card slot won't recognize sometimes. I have 2 SD cards that I use in my DSLR. I will often come back from a great shoot excited to see my shots on my beautiful retina display only to have the system not recognize either card. They usually always work after a few attempts at putting them in and out but it is still annoying.

3. Backup Failed - every few months my Time Capsule will stop backing up. It will say 'the backup on "Time Capsule" is already in use. To fix the issue I just have to restart the Time Capsule but it is still annoying.

4. Springboard crash - This is in my opinion one of Apple's biggest gaffes. When it first started happening I thought that my phone was faulty which sucked because I got a 5s on launch day and knew that it would take forever to replace. I'm glad that 7.1 fixed the issue but every time it happened I thought to myself, 'damn, this must be what it is like having a phone with Android. Kidding :)'

Those are it. Those are the big issues I have had with my Apple products over the years. I'm sure that some others have had much worse experiences (I better not jinx myself!) and I have had products from other companies that I love and wouldn't want Apple to compete with such as my several year old 42" LG flat panel or my XBOX 360.... well I'm on like my 3rd or 4th 360 and it crashes a lot but I still love it! Please share!