My iPhone and Macbook headphone switching prototype- feedback wanted

Hi everyone,

I've always had this slight annoyance with having to constantly unplug my headphones from my iPhone and plug it into my Macbook and vice versa.

When I get to the office I'm often still listening to podcasts from my commute on the iPhone, when someone sends me a youtube video on the computer. Or, I'm listening to iTunes on the computer, and I get a phone call on the iPhone.

Anyway, I found all of this unplugging/replugging to be very tedious, so I looked for a switch that could be used to bridge the devices. Unfortunately, the ones that I found only send the audio channels through.

Therefore, I designed a switch that I can plug my headphones into, and use to toggle which device I want to listen to AND control.

It uses the 4-signal connectors on the audio jacks so that it actually passes through the microphone and 3-button remote commands to each device as well.

You can see the prototype and a bit more info in the picture below.



I was thinking about making a small batch of these, but I wanted to get some feedback on whether or not anyone else even had this problem.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on whether this type of device would be useful for you. Thanks!