David Pierce seems biast...

Before I go on, I would like to point out that I love The Verge's reviews (especially video reviews), and the general quality of their reviews is fantastic. However it seems to me that David Pierce might be a little biast towards Apple in his reviews.

In his Galaxy S5 review, he said "It's about as usable as any other 5 inch phone, which is to say, not very." However, in his review of the iPhone 5S he said, "I wish the iPhone 5S had a slightly larger screen — 4 inches feels smaller and smaller — but it’s otherwise hard to fault Apple’s basic design." A 5" phone is unusable but a 4" isn't big enough?

Near the end of his S5 review, he also said "It doesn't impress or inspire, like the HTC One M8 or the iPhone." When has the iPhone had an inspiring design? It's remained virtually unchanged since the iPhone 4. I'm not saying the baind-aid Galaxy S5 is any better, but the statement remains.

I have a lot of respect for what The Verge does, and I read this site every day. However, David's reviews at times seem biased towards iPhone in a way that disorts the functionality of whatever product he is reviewing. The final line of his iPhone 5S review is, "It’s easily the best iPhone ever made, and maybe the best smartphone ever made."

What are your thoughts?