In the market for a new computer and I need your help.

Hey guys! I'm graduating soon, and I'm looking to upgrade before I start working. Right now I have a 2012 MBA, and the battery life just isn't as good as I would like it to be.

I'm looking at either a Haswell MBA, a rMBP 15", or a Surface Pro 2.

The MBA is great, and it's never done me wrong, but I'd like a better display.

The rMBP is beautiful all around, but 15" is massive, and the 13" didn't do as well in reviews.

The Surface Pro 2 would mean ditching a lot of the software I use everyday, but I could use it as a tablet and laptop. It also has the digitizer, which is pretty awesome especially for teaching, which I'll be doing.

I'm just extremely conflicted, and I could use some advice if any of you guys have anything to contribute.