What's the real story on Android tablet games (vs. iOS)?

Situation: I'm looking for a tablet "for the family"... meaning, primarily for my wife - a student, WP phone user and netflix/facebook lover - but also permitting that it will regularly be hijacked by my three kids - especially the 5 and 8 year old (my 13 year-old has a school-issued iPad but will lose it for the summer) - to play games. I like letting them play mobile-level arcade/puzzle/strategy games on my GS4 and imagine that with a tablet that would open up some more creative apps as well. I am savvy about Android but not at all with gaming, and we don't have PC or console gaming in the house because I still see that as a pandora's box and will hold off on that for a few years. But mobile games are neat and challenging for my kids, and they'll take it as far as I let them. Also, we are planning a long road trip in June so that's an impetus as well.

So, I'm a noob to gaming and a relative noob to tablets, since my only one is a Surface 2 that I rely upon for business but which provides little insight into the state of tablet apps, since it has so few.

What I am agonizing over is whether to make the jump to iOS because of its superior tablet apps, especially for casual (non-professional) creative and gaming apps. iOS clearly has a number of exclusives going on, but my cursory web research doesn't give me a very clear idea of what that difference actually is. I have always thought the one area where I would go with iOS is for tablets, but I am still scandalized by the prices and generally resistant to iOS, not to mention hesitant to become a three-mobile-OS family, with all of the sharing foibles that implies. BUT, there is a lot to suggest that iPads have value well beyond Android tabs, largely due to ecosystem, and much of that ecosystem deficit is in games.

Let's say my main options are the iPad rMini 32GB ($490) and the Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 ($360) - both pretty fine choices for overall quality and for the size I want, and both have what I consider great graphics processing and insane resolution. Factor in the necessary accessories and some goodies that come with the Samsung ($25 Play Store credit, Dropbox space, and some nice apps), and the price difference is even greater. But again, iPads just seem to be the most solid investments, both for longevity and resale value. I've bought inexpensive devices before and it's neither a satisfying experience nor a good value long-term. I don't want to buy a fairly pricey device like the Tab Pro and have the same problem! Outlier candidates would be the Nexus 7 (let's just get through this road trip) and iPad Air (enjoy your movies babe!).

I'm hoping to get a perspective from an Android-centric but iOS-experienced point of view: how much is the Tab Pro at a disadvantage for current high-quality games, whether puzzle-style, strategy or action/arcade style? Do you know of specific examples of good games where there is no Android version or the Android version is not well optimized compared to iOS? I can skim the forums and see plenty of derisive comments about Android tablet games being blown-up phone versions, and I imagine it's somewhat true - but is it true across the board, and is there a positive trend away from that?

As a footnote, I was disappointed at the pretty sparse activity on the Polygon mobile OS forums, but I guess that's not too surprising. Googleplex, you're my only hope.