Is Kinect for Xbox One Worst since Tuesday Update?

Hey Guys,

I thought Kinect was bad for voice recognition but now seems to be on an entirely new league, it barely recognizes the Xbox Go Home command when there is nothing but absolute silence (which is difficult when you are watching TV or playing a Game)

So funny that started dictating commands to Siri like "Xbox Go Home" or "XBox play PVZ Garden Warfare" among others and Siri won at every round, despite the fact that the Xbox One has "hints" of what you are going to say because,well, all commands and phrases you may come up with are already present in the console's UI.

I've made countless calibrations using the calibration tool, read somewhere that you have to actually look at the sensor for it to work, and I did that too, got closer to the sensor, but so far nothing has worked.

What are your experiences so far?

Voice commands are one of the reasons why I choose the Xbox, it is a big part of the Xbox features set but its so frustratingly bad that I wish I could just turn the entire thing off.