Verge: Please Gt an Editor

(Yes the omission in the title is on purpose)

With all due respect, you guys, as a website, have one job: write. And in doing so, some basic adherence to grammar and other norms of the english language is expected. OR, when your errors are pointed out in the comments section, should you decide to delete those comments, AT LEAST MAKE THE CHANGES.

For example, is this morning's short post about Pavel Durov, there are several glaring issues. First, the title:

Russia's 'Zuckerberg' says he fought the government over Ukraine protester data

This is misleading and incorrect. It should read "Ukranian protester data." As is, it says that someone protesting the Ukraine had data he was protecting. This would be like "America protester data" as opposed to "American protester data." One is someone FROM America with data and is a protester, the other is someone who is protesting America and has data.

Second, in the article, the second paragraph ends with

he said a prosecutor also pressured him to close the page for an anti-corruption group, a request he also refuse.

That should end with "refused."

There are other articles posted this week with similar rampant problems from a variety of authors. I happened to post these issues, among others, to the comments section of this article. It was deleted, and rightly so since it was off topic from thecontent of the article itself. BUT, at least fix the article!

Does the Verge have someone who reads the posts before they are published to check for these kinds of things? i.e., an editor in function and not just name (since many "editors" at The Verge don't actually edit, again, no problem there, it's a journalistic title). After all, if you aren't doing the little things like this to make sure the quality of your product is up to snuff, how can I, as a reader, trust that you are doing the hard things that take time, like basic research, due diligence, and other necessities of good journalism?