Future Exynos vs Future Snapdragon

Just read a press release for Samsung and GlobalFoundries producing 14 nanometer chips. Source

Mass production for the 14nm FinFET technology will begin at the end of 2014.

The platform taps the benefits of three-dimensional, fully depleted FinFET transistors to overcome the limitations of planar transistor technology, enabling up to 20 percent higher speed, 35 percent less power and 15 percent area scaling over industry 20nm planar technology.

Is that the 20nm technology used in Snapdragon 810?

Snapdragon 810 won't ship until first half of 2015.

If future Exynos uses this method, did they just beat Qualcomm for first half of 2015?

2015 is looking better for smartphones with each passing month.

Gonna buy a lot of phones in 2015.