What will your Ara Phone look like?


via i.imgur.com

This is my crude MS Paint mock-up of what I would want my Ara phone to look like.

Few thoughts:

  • I know the solar panel would do little charging, but it is the idea and the look that I like
  • I wonder how much the Qi would cut down on the capacity of that battery
  • I imagine I would have to carry around a charged battery or two to swap out during the day, what do you think?
  • AFAIK it is reasonable to expect WiFi, GPS and Cell radios to be in the same module, is that wrong?
  • There wasn't much room for anything new and unseen in a smartphone, maybe people will only be able to fit those in the larger size?

What do you guys think, and what would your phone look like?

Also I wish they had a better name for us to use than Project Ara, or Ara Phone as I called it.