I take it back...

I recently posted about how I was going to leave Android and have bad the OS was. Well I take it back.

It was my Galaxy S4 which I'd had all these problems with. Also, I've owned a Motorola Razr i, LG G2 and Sony Xperia SP, all of which had some kind of problem. And I've come to a conclusion. The majority of problems I've experienced are mainly down to Android being skinned by those manufacturers.

Since my post, I've rooted and flashed CyanogenMod to my Galaxy S4. It sure made a difference. No app crashes whatsoever, which was one of my main complaints. I'm going to be testing the problem I had in regards to cell reception in the next few days and hopefully it'll be solved.

But this brings me on to a point. There's still a big problem with Android and that's that it allows for OEMs to put a skin on top. Google really needs to force them to go stock and maybe allow them to install their own apps or something. Touchwiz on my S4 basically killed it. A quad core device lagging is never right, especially as Android can perform wonderfully on worse hardware than that.

Of all skins, I'd say Sony's is the better one. Just due to the fact that they focus on improving Android rather than replacing it. Even the Sony handset I owned had a hardware problem, definitely not a software problem. For that reason I'm definitely going to be looking at the Xperia Z2 or Z1 Compact as my new device, along with the Nexus 5 however, I will still be considering the iPhone 5s.

But basically, now I'm running CyanogenMod, I'm willing to say I was wrong about Android.