One thing Ara will prevent for sure

Based on a true story

So the other day I was at the phone store buying a phone for a friends birthday.

This store was where Dad bought my phone. The phone brand was O+

I then asked them, "Whats the newest?"

Store guy replies, "Oh, we now have the O+ 8.92 that is similar to the older 8.91(my phone's model) but has a higher processor."

The remainder of the story is irrelevant to discussion

Will you look at that?

My phone model was release SEPTEMBER OF 2013. Then it was quickly overshadowed by another model since the latter has a higher processor than mine.

That was literally only the difference between the two!


Cost of new phone:$200(referring to the 8.92)

With Ara:

Cost of SoC module: $40 or less

With Ara, this kind of stuff wont happen anymore.