Next step for iCloud: third party web apps?

Yesterday, the following image started to roll out on my twitter timeline. To be quite honest, I believe it's a fake, but... It caught my attention for one detail: open iCloud for devs. I started to ask what that would mean. And then, I realize right now we have a "small iOS" inside


via emulates iOS animations and behaviors. I believe it's pretty concrete that in the near future Apple will integrate other apps into it, like Maps, FindMyFriends, iMessage, Preview, maybe even FaceTime.

Right now, I use iCloud we apps A LOT, all the time, when I'm at work, using Chrome on Windows 7. It's so much better to add events, notes, and reply emails using a keyboard and a mouse (other than on a tiny smartphone screen). Like Steve said once: it gives fresh water for someone who is in hell.

Then, I started to ask when will Apple allow devs to integrate their apps into I mean, I download Tweetbot on the iPhone, and it installs Tweetbot web app on iCloud. So that I can access Tweetbot even when I'm on a PC. What do you guys think? I would love to see this! I also believe it would be a great way to deliver a Macintosh experience, inside a PC. A big way to convince people to switch to the Mac.