UPDATED: How come no Android OEM bothers about backup?

The single most glaring omission in Android right now is the dismal native backup compared to iOS.

But I really wonder why Samsung or anyone else hasn't addressed this issue? Samsung loves to throw more and more features on the table and so do other OEMs to a lesser extent.

In 2014 why do we still need to root to make sure everything is backed up? Don't bring up helium its not an intuitive way to backup.

Does any OEM actually provide this feature and I am not aware of it?

I understand if you are switching from a Galaxy to a Nexus it won't be possible to restore system settings but in that case as well all apps should be restored the way you left them. But if you are staying within the same class of Android phone then EVERYTHING should be restored the way you left it.

With Samsung's obsession with Apple I honestly find it very surprising that they haven't come up with a full backup solution. And you know if they do it then Touchwiz would have a very legitimate feature advantage over stock Android.

UPDATE: Now that I think about this it seems like it is quite a bit the developers fault. Android has an open file system meaning a developer can easily save settings and data of the app in its own folder inside the user accessible storage. So when upgrading your phone you can simply copy paste folders much like how you do on a windows PC. So it is indeed very strange that a developer would restrict that data to the system folder which is not accessible to non root users.

What would you make up of this? It does seem like a lot of developers let you save settings in a folder which you can carry to another device. That is obviously not a perfect solution but at least it is there. If every app was saving settings in a folder we could simply sync our entire phone to cloud for those who want to have everything backed up at all times.